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The 3-Part Email Marketing Process

Before a customer pull out their credit card, they must feel that you understand their unique situation. There are 3 key aspects of your email marketing that help ensure you reach your customers at the right time:

  • Campaign Strategy - Quality, frequency, and sequence matters for the overall effectiveness of your marketing message. You want to write relevant emails that provide value while selling.

  • Automations - Increase revenue on autopilot by serving leads based on their unique behavior—the right messages, in the right order, and at the right time.

  • Implementation - You want to make sure your emails are actually ending up in front of your customers and leads, instead of landing in Spam or the Promo Tab.

  • What type of copy do you need?


    When done right, emails allow you to build a relationship with prospects so they want to hear from you and purchase your products. Daily emails, special campaigns, automations, and segmentation all play a role in a healthy email strategy.

    Product Descriptions

    Product specs and beautiful images can't do all the work of selling. Customers need you to build their beliefs and show them that your product can help them arrive at the ideal future they envision...just like you would in a live sales interaction.

    Landing Pages

    Landing pages capture visitor interest and curiosity and get them to either exchange their contact information to learn more about what you have to offer, or purchase. Either way, you need a logical and emotional journey that makes taking action a no-brainer.


    When you need to explain an idea, long-form content, like articles, are a great vehicle. They allow you to introduce a topic, present examples, cross-reference products or ideas, and encourage the reader to belief something new or do something different.

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    Here's How to Start a Project with Me:

    STEP #1: Fill out an application so I know what you're looking for and how I can best help you. I'll review your application and contact you via email to ask you any follow-up questions and/or send you my scheduler for you to book a call.

    STEP #2: On the call, we'll discuss your objectives and the solutions to help you reach them. If I performed a copy or email account audit prior to the call, I'll also discuss the areas I think you can optimize on.

    STEP #3: If I determine I can help you, I'll send you a proposal outlining our objectives, my deliverables, and we'll coordinate the best time to start the project so we can get you to your objectives as soon as possible.

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